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Wiring Retainers

The Sreka wiring retainer has been produced to eliminate costly wiring looms where it is impractical to use bulky cable ducting such as on control cabinet doors and small relay panels.

Its design of flexible interlocking fingers retains wiring in place at the time of installation, allowing wiring to be installed and terminated in one operation, coupled with speed and neatness.

With the Sreka wiring retainer field installation and replacement of wiring can be simply achieved allowing additional control devices to be added to control equipment with the minimum of down time.

Sreka wiring retained undoubtedly affords important economic advantages because of its ability to be rapidly fixed in place.

The retainer can be fixed to a panel surface by either 3mm screws or pop rivets for which holes have been provided on the centre line at 52mm centres, alternatively double-sided adhesive tape may be used.

Moulding – Nylon
Nylon was selected for its toughness, ability to retain its shape at elevated temperatures and is highly resistant to abrasion.

The grade of nylon selected for the moulding of this product is a non burning type which together with its progressive design features allows Sreka wiring retainer to be used in all types of installations involving the supporting of control wiring.