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Ultrakerb Enhanced Delineation

The Ultrakerb is an enhanced Delineation product designed for use in areas where it is imperative Traffic is kept in the correct lane at a reduced speed. Utilising the durability of the Ultraflex Post the Ultrakerb is designed to be part of the solution, not the problem.

As it becomes more important to keep traffic flowing through our busy Urban Streets the Ultrakerb combination of a bright colour and minimal footprint provide a continuous line of delineation that gives the driver a very clear message of their pathway through your work zone. The Ultrakerb takes up a lot less space than large plastic barriers but still provides a very clear visual demarcation line. Each section is 750mm x 250mm x 50mm and can be bolted or glued to the road surface.

Ultrakerb can also be used for Cycle lanes, Carparks or to provide a safe pedestrian space between your shopfront and traffic areas.