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Ultraflex Tubular Delineator

New Product Release

The Ultraflex Tubular Delineator has been designed for use on Work sites that require Medium to Long term Delineation.

The Ultraflex gives the user the perfect combination of durability, visibility and simple installation making it a very cost effective solution for many different situations

The Bright Fluorescent colour and high quality reflective give greater visibility under the most demanding conditions. Available in both Orange and Yellow. The robust Urethane material and clever design features mean that the Ultraflex can withstand impacts in excess of 100 kph and still return to an upright position.

A low profile base and increased flexibility that will reduce the shear stresses created when run over. This means once correctly installed you will have less incidence of the Delineator detaching from the road surface.

Installation is made easy with the use of the Sreka Butyl Pad or alternatively you can either bolt or glue with a Bitufix type adhesive.

Now also available in White.