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Safety and Warning Tapes

Sreka safety and warning tapes are designed for above and underground use. They are used to eliminate damage to services such as gas, water, electricity and telecommunications. The tapes are also used to inform the general public of possible danger, the need to exercise caution or of a restricted area. Custom tapes printed with your message can be manufactured on request.


  • Standard width 100mm – widths from 85mm up to 600mm can be manufactured.
  • Standard roll lengths are 100m and 300m. Roll lengths up to 2500m can be manufactured.


  • Manufactured from high stretch/strength thermoplastic.


  • A wide range of warning tapes are available including gas, water, sewer, fibre optic cables, electrical cables, caution, danger and restricted area. Further tapes are available on request.
Colour Roll Length
Cat No. Message Tape Print Metres
ST1 Electrical Cable Below Orange Black 100/300/500
ST2 Gas Line Below Yellow Black 100/300
ST3 Sewer Line Below Green Black 100/300
ST4 Water Line Below Blue Black 100/300
ST5 Danger Keep Out White Red 100/300
ST6 Caution Yellow Black 100/300
ST7 G.U.R. Yellow Black 100/300
ST8 HP Gas Line Below Yellow Black 100/300
ST9* HP Oil Line Below Yellow Black 100/300
ST10 Restricted Area Keep Out White Red 100/300
ST11 Fibre Optic Cable Below Orange Black 100/300
ST12 Chevron Yellow Black 100/300
ST13 Wet Paint Yellow Black 100/300
ST14* Danger Motor Sport Event Yellow Black 100/300