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Partitioned Duct

This range of ducting has been designed to provide the answer to surface wiring problems in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

It provides a system which is simple, attractive and easy to install without the necessity of precision measuring and cutting to tight tolerances while giving the neatest and most economical method of wiring.

Fix duct section to wall by drilling fixing holes through the base of the trunking at a maximum of one metre centres, this interval should be reduced for heavy cable weights.

It is advisable to drill two holes at each fixing point widely spaced on either side of the centre line.

Sizes Available
Two sizes of Partitioned Duct are available:

  • Cat No. APD4025 – Depth 25 Width 40
  • Cat No. APD5025 – Depth 25 Width 50

Standard length 3 metres.

Standard Colour


High impact P.V.C. Poly Vinyl Chloride as specified in NZ 2250 Part1 Rigid P.V.C. Conduit Fittings for Electrical Wiring.