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Din Rail Mounts

The SREKA H.R.C. Fuse Holder DIN Rail Mount has been developed to allow the standard 32 amp Front Wire Base to be simply mounted t the 35mm DIN Rail.

This type of mounting now allows the same simple mounting of fuse holders as that available on other types of control gear.

With this simple device, gone are the problems associated with drilling for individual control fuses or banks of fuse holders.

You simply fix the DIN Rail Mount to the fuse holder bse with the fixing screw supplied and clip onto the rail.

Cat No. D35      Reg Design 18397

Glass Re-inforced Polyester was selected for the body of the mount for it’s High Tensile Strength, the clip is moulded in durable Nylon 66.

The spring is manufactured from non-corrosive stainless steel.