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Armorcade Temporary Delineator

The Armorcade Temprary Delineator is a waterfilled Category 2 Delineation product that fills the gap between ineffective plastic fence barriers and the TL2 barriers used on high volume traffic roads.


The lightweight but robust construction offers a high level of delineation while at the same time retaining the ability to be easily moved if required. The relatively lightweight of 18kgs and clever positioning of the handle allows for the Armorcade be be moved and installed by one person.


For longer term installation the weight can be increased with the addition of water to ensure your workzone remains protected while unattended.

Armorcade is ideal for areas with high pedestrian and/or cyclist traffic such as sporting events, concerts etc providing a good soild safety barrier between the public and competitors.

For further infomation or a demonstration of this product please contact our Sales Team.